Childbirth Amen.

Childbirth When to cause ambulanceEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONChildbirth process lon especially if they the first.

Therefore cause ambulance when the regularity of fights will be minutes duration for seconds.

Sometimes before patrimonial activity or right after the beginning of fights leak or okoloplodny waters stream.

In this case, as well as at blood vydeleniye from sexual ways, it is necessary to cause immediately an ambulance car and to go to bed!At repeated sorts which usually occur quicker, than the first to cause the car it is necessary right after emergence of the first fights.

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Do not project

Do not project He will feel less nervously and more stably if will accurately understand the situation.

Do not project enow uncertainty or other complex feelings on the child as it can make negative impact on his behavior.

It is necessary to rememberProbably, you already thought of how your behavior is chopped off on generation of your child.

It is also necessary to pay attention of a pas other moments which could make the contribution to proceeding difficulties in behavior of your child.

Ask itself the following questions What occurred when it began problems Whether there were any problems in communication of this by the birth or during its birth Whether took a place large changes in life which could influence his behavior Whether it howled the witness of any difficulties in the relations or gaps Whether he lived among intense relationship Whether you consider it responsible for bad times or events in your life Whether stirs level of a stress of your ability effectively to bring up it Whether your child is nervous Whether he is at war with you or withdraws SMALL ANGELS Whether you are nervous concerning other problems.

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You understand

You understand When he was years old, in similar situatsi he already could answer to go for a walk or with mother.

You understand me At this stage of development of speech not only you learn reto understand a benka language, but also learn to interpret that he tries to tell to you, and the child counts on understanding.

So, the kid learns to speak, and you to understand.

At this age words are not able to utter the majority of children correctly yet, but they try to improve the pronunciation, and the main thin children possess absolutely exact intonation.

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And recent

And recent Besides, if you expect to grow up the child with healthy heart, know that children becoming because of you passive smokers, possess the lowered content in blood useful cholesterol which protects from coronary heart disease.

Imagine also more remote consequences of your addiction more often children of smoking parents become smokers.

And recent researches showed that children who have grown in houses where both parents smoke, are subject to the doubled risk of development of lung cancer.

Communication with the doctor by phone.

Respecting the right of the doctor to communication with its own family, pos not to call it after the completion of reception, except those cases when the condition of the kid inspires you serious fears and can, in your opinion, still worsen.

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And you are sure, what

And you are sure, what Protect itself from uninvited advisers.

And you are sure, what the child receives enough milk, At me it turned out nothing with chest feeding.

Negative emotions when you want to find selfconfidence as mothers are not necessary to you.

Surround itself with the sympathizing people sharing your views.

Feeding by a breast demands confidence.

Change a house situation.

Perhaps, house situation nebla Temporarily postpone all another matters which take away from you forces and prevent to feed the child quietly.

Take the child in the bed.

Be arranged closer to the child.

Moloto it is formed better if you doze, sleep together in one bed as in a dream more hormones promoting formation of milk are developed.

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